Our Company Structure Governance

Board of Directors

President Director – J. R. Danny, MBA.

Vice President Director – Andi A. Sanusi, B. Ec.

Director – Imam Tauhid, B. Law.

Director – Widagdo, B. Ec.

Board of Executives

***Update position rotation per 14 November 2016


VP of ISC Division – H. Abdul Ghofar, MBA.

VP of Law & Attorney Division – Imam Tauhid, B. Law.

VP of Financial Service Division – Herry Mulya Taratta, MBA.

VP of Mining, E&P Division – Ruslin, B. Tec.

VP of Export & Import Division – Roni Fitriadi, B. Ec.

Submission of Offers & Inquiries

Let we know your products offer and your inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us, we will prioritize to serve and proceed based on our integrated timeline system. Leave your offers and inquiries to admin@korinco.com

FAQ, Blacklist List, Secured, Legal Indication

Oour Good Corporate Governance maintain, supervising and managing policy and legal disposition as consistent business process. Leave your information, verification, clarify and updates to legal@korinco.com

Integrated Supply Chain (ISC)

Integrated Supply Chain has three main roles as (1) an Integrated Planner and optimization, (2) Integrated Procurement and Sales (Trading) and (3) Supply and export operations to ensure crude oil, fuel oil and gas as available to fulfill national energy demand. Through series of process emphasizing on competitive pricing and premium product qualities. Leave your questions, tender submission, supply submissions to isc.dept@korinco.com

Blacklist Company

Coming soon.

Our Law Firm / Attorney Partnership

We have legal partnership with credible Law Firm / Advocate in the overseas countries.

Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Australia, South Africa and UAE.