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    Strategic Sustainable Development and Strategic Business Development


Our collaboration is based on mutual fairness. We treat colleagues, employees, and external employees equally and consider their interests as important as our own. We treat them with appreciation. This manifests itself in mutual respect, courtesy, and friendliness.

Future oriented

For long-term company success, we are actively shaping changes in the market and in technology, and take on the competition with confidence.

Cultural diversity

We commit ourselves to our regional and cultural heritage and we regard diversity as a gain and as the prerequisite for our continued worldwide success.


We accept corporate responsibility, as if the company were our own, and our company is our heart and soul.


Health is the most important aspect in works and activities, so KDI holds programs to support health. Objectives, to prevent diseases because of work, and to create health environment to work and to support health optimally. KDI guarantees all boards, executives, staff and employees to work in the scope of business and projects with healthy lifestyle.


Our concern on safety aspects in works and activities, safety is the main priority that cannot be ignored, altought other achievements in terms of business works are the company goals. Objectives, without incidents and omitting the risk of workplace accidents. KDI guarantees all boards, executives, staff and employees to work safely and to come back home safely.


Environment aspects is the most important in our workplace and project sites and forwarding environment friendly without waste and emission. Objectives, commitment to kept green area, health area, clean area and efficiencies. KDI guarantees workplace and project sites in environmentally friendly, operation without hazardous waste and environmentally friendly as well as trying to improve efficiency, green, clean and sustainable.

Sustainability Strategy

At KORINCO, we define sustainability as a business model that creates value consistent with the long-term preservation and enhancement of environmental, social and financial capital. Our sustainability strategy is embedded in our One Ford business plan and consistent with our aim to deliver Great Products and Great Services, a Strong Business and a Better World.

Our Sustainability, Environmental & Safety Engineering organization oversees sustainability strategy development, integration and implementation by identifying emerging challenges and opportunities and mobilizing resources within the company to address them and help us remain competitive in a changing world. Our business units have set a series of goals and targets related to sustainability and tied to the overall corporate business plan. Like all objectives related to the business plan, progress is monitored throughout the year so there is timely warning if targets are at risk of not being achieved. When that occurs, steps are identified to get back on track.

Our Sustainable Commitment, Passion!

Passion, Details, Desire and Performance is our commitment to meet goals and governance